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Early Pregnancy Test

A very high quality early pregnancy test that confirms your pregnancy as soon as possible after conception.

Use even before you have missed your period.

This early pregnancy test can form a vital part of your fertility program if you are trying to conceive or if you are worried you may be pregnant and want to check as soon as possible after having intercourse.

What does the viola Early Pregnancy Test tell me?
The early pregnancy test allows you to be certain that you are pregnant as soon as possible after conception. The test picks up an increased concentration of hCG (about 12 IU/L), which occurs approximately 10 days after conception. This means you can perform the test even before you miss your period. This is a very sensitive test.

Which hormone is measured?
hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) is the most important pregnancy hormone. The hCG level starts to rise immediately after conception and continues to increase, doubling every two or three days. It reaches the maximum level in the second or third month of pregnancy.

How do I perform the test?
Hold the test stick in the urine stream for two to three seconds. Alternatively you can use a beaker to collect the urine sample and immerse the test stick for five seconds. Place the test stick in the test rack in the rear of the box. Read off the result after a few minutes.

What does the result tell me?
If two lines appear in the window you can assume that you are pregnant. If only one line is visible you have performed the test correctly, however you are not pregnant.

Thank you for considering our early pregnancy test kit.

Early pregnancy test


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High quality CE marked early pregnancy test kit.

Early pregnancy test