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FOB tests for Bowel Cancer

There are many different types of screening test for bowel cancer. One of the most common is known as a faecal occult blood test (and in this case "occult" means hidden not sinister). This is because blood in the stools or bleeding from the back passage can be one of the early symptoms of bowel cancer or pre cancer.

Often this bleeding or blood will not be visible to the naked eye even on close examination. The tests are very sensitive and can detect even very small amounts of blood in the stool. If you take one of these tests and it proves positive don't worry as there are many other causes of blood in the stool but you should see a doctor to identify the cause just to be sure.

These simple bowel cancer test kits are relatively inexpensive and easy to perform. They are available from pharmacies (or if you are over 50 there is a free UK national screening program) or on the Internet.

Do see your doctor if you have concerns about bowel cancer or are worried about any symptoms.