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PSA Test ing - Good or Bad?

For men in their later middle years a PSA test might be a sensible thing to have.

A prostate specific antigen (PSA) test is a widely used screening test for men over 40 and it measures a protein in the blood that often spikes when prostate cancer is present. Therefore it would seem a sensible precaution to have a regular test. That said there is considerable controversy about the merits of PSA tests and PSA screening in general.

On the one hand are the camp who point out that deaths due to this cancer have fallen considerably since screening was introduced - approximately 40% - but on the other side is an argument to say that it is a flawed test which contributed to an upsurge of anxiety, unnecessary surgery medical & intervention and over treatment.

While the debate rages on it's probably best to view a PSA test as indicator that there is something afoot it the prostate which requires further investigation, not necessarily sinister or life threatening.