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About Stomach Ulcer Symptoms

An ulcer is basically an open sore in your digestive system. Most people have experienced symptoms that they associate perhaps with a stomach ulcer; indeed the symptoms are very common. They differ from person to person but the more common stomach ulcer symptoms include:

Pain in your upper abdomen just below the breastbone. It  comes and goes and may be eased with antacid medicines. Eating can make the pain worse and it may wake you up at night.

You may also experience bloating, excess wind, retching,  feeling nauseous, queasy or sick and you may feel particularly 'full up' after eating.

These symptoms, however, may be caused by something else, for example over eating, or over indulgence in alcohol or spicy food. Indeed it was thought for many years that these were some of the prime causes of stomach ulcers.

It is now very easy to take a test to determine if the symptoms are indeed caused by a stomach ulcer. This is because in the 1980's 2 Australian scientists proved what many other scientists had believed for a long time to be true that most cases of stomach ulcer were in fact caused by infection by a simple bacterium called Helicobacter Pylori or H Pylori. This meant, firstly, that diagnostic tests could be produced to determine whether infection was present and secondly that an anti biotic therapy could be prescribed to cure the infection. This was a huge step forward as previously people had to endure the symptoms of stomach ulcers, take drugs, radically alter their lifestyles or even undergo surgery.  Now a simple one or two week course of anti biotics may be all that is needed to clear the infection and allow any associated ulcers to heal.  

There are  a number of different tests that can be undertaken, either in a laboratory or doctors office  and there are even helicobacter test kits that can be purchased from pharmacies or the internet that can be used at home to detect infection by helicobacter pylori.