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Bowel Cancer Screening Kit

Bowel cancer is a condition that can affect anyone but if caught early the chances of achieving an effective cure is much higher. If you are over 40 or have relatives who have had bowel cancer you should consider bowel cancer screening; either with the NHS bowel cancer screening program or by using a bowel cancer screening kit in the privacy of your home.

The symptoms of bowel cancer vary from person to person but can include :

• Bleeding from the back passage (rectum) or blood in your    stools
• A lasting change in your normal bowel habits towards    diarrhoea or looser stools
• A lump in the right side of your abdomen, or in your    rectum
• A straining feeling in the rectum
• Losing weight with no obvious reason
• Pain in your abdomen or rectum
• Anaemia (a low level of red blood cells). This can lead to    tiredness and sometimes breathlessness.

A cancer may cause a blockage (a obstruction in the bowel). The symptoms of this are felt as griping pains in the abdomen, feeling bloated,constipation and being sick.

See your Doctor
Don’t be alarmed as all these symptoms can be caused by other conditions or diseases. These can include piles (haemorrhoids), infections or inflammatory bowel disease. If you are worried about any symptoms you should see your GP. It is the combination of symptoms and your age that is important and will alert your doctor to the possibility of bowel cancer.

Our bowel cancer screening test - how bowel cancer test works
Our home bowel cancer test kit looks for blood in poo one of the common early bowel cancer symptoms!

Symptoms vary but blood in poo is one that can be detected by simple tests. A bowel cancer test kit such as this is important as early detection of bowel problems can mean they are dealt with before they become more serious.

Most cases of blood in poo are not symptoms of bowel cancer and are nothing to worry about but should always be checked out by your doctor.

Why is this bowel cancer screening test important?
A bowel cancer test kit can be important because 95% of all cases of colon cancer result from benign pre-stages, so-called colon polyps. This means that this type of cancer is one of the few where the development of tumours can be prevented by early intervention. If the colon polyp is found in time and removed, it can halt the development of bowel cancer. The test looks for hidden blood in stools.

Is the test easy to perform?
YES - A sample of your stool (faeces) is taken with the stick provided and inserted into the tube pre-filled with a buffer solution. A drop of this mixture is then placed on the test strip for evaluation.
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Bowel Cancer Test Kit

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What do the results mean?
If the bowel cancer test kit shows a positive result (two lines in the window), you can assume that there is blood in your stool. You should be examined by a doctor. Remember this does not necessarily mean bowel cancer nor indeed colon polyps. Blood in the stool can have other causes (e.g. haemorrhoids). If colon polyps are detected, it is the size of the polyp that determines the risk of colon cancer. There are many other  symptoms of bowel cancer click here for further information.

Why is bowel cancer testing so important?
Polyps usually cause no problem and may go unnoticed for many years. Early detection of colon cancer is vital, the chance of successful treatment is higher if the cancer is detected and treated in its early stages. Being alert for bowel cancer symptoms is a sensible precaution.

How does the test work?
Our kits are what are known as a FOB bowel cancer test kit. They detect invisible (so-called occult or hidden) traces of blood in the stool. The kit detects human bleeding specifically and accurately and is not influenced by diet.

Does my family history affect my risk of developing bowel cancer?

It seems that a genetic mutation can increase your risk of developing bowel cancer risk, if in your family you have had 2 or more close relatives on the same side of the family have  developed bowel cancer at some time, 1 or more close relatives developed bowel cancer at a young age (for example under 45) or if there are  cases of bowel and womb cancer on the same side of your family

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