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Drug screening test kit

Our one step industry leading urine sample based Multi Drug screening test kit is an easy to use, sterile, fast 1 step urine drug screening test to detect 6 commonly abused drugs all at once:-








Why would I want a Home Drug screening test kit?

Drug screening tests are useful to those who wish to test themselves or others for commonly abused drugs. Parents may worry that their children become involved with drugs. Employers have a duty of care to ensure that their employees do not pose a danger to themselves, other employees or  the public by consuming drugs of abuse. The idea of the drug screening test kit in these instances is to deter your child or worker from using drugs because they know they may be tested. Drug screening tests are easy to conduct at home or in the workplace.

If you have taken drugs you may want to perform the home drug screening test on yourself so that you can ensure that the drugs are no longer in your system and thus you pose no danger to others.

This test provides rapid information regarding the possible use of the most commonly abused drugs.

How do I use the drug test screening kit?

The home drug screening test is conducted by immersing the test panel in a urine sample and interpreting the results from coloured lines. If a negative result is obtained, then it is unlikely that the urine sample contained any of the drugs which were tested. If a positive result is obtained for any of the specific drugs, it is likely the urine sample contained traces of that particular drug.

The multi drug screening test kit contains:-

   1 x multi panel test cassette

   instructions leaflet and range leaflet

Multi drug screening tests


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