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Helicobacter pylori test (H Pylori test)

Helicobacter pylori, often also called more simply H. pylori is a bacteria that is frequently found in the stomach. It is estimated that approximately 50% of the world's population are infected by it.

Most people infected with H. pylori will show no symptoms and it will never cause them any problems. However, for some people H. pylori can cause a number of digestive problems, including ulcers, and although less frequently but more seriously stomach cancer. It is not properly understood why some people with H pylori get these conditions and others do not.

If you suspect you may have a stomach ulcer it may be useful to perform this test as effective treatment for H pylori infection is readily available from your GP. Treatment is usually in the form of antibiotics and is usually very effective.

Our rapid home use helicobacter pylori test indicates the presence of the infection in minutes.

it may be worth performing the h pylori test even if you have no symptoms but a close relative has been diagnosed as infection is frequently  spread amongst family members.

How do I perform the h pylori test?

Simply prick your finger using the micro lancet supplied and put a drop of blood onto the test strip and add the buffer solution. Wait for 30 seconds. The result, positive or negative, will display in the window of the h pylori test strip.

What does the result tell me?

Two test lines indicate that you may be infected by helicobacter pylori. You should see your doctor as soon as possible for further examination and treatment..

Why is treatment so important?
If you are infected treatment is fairly straightforward in the form of anti biotic's. Treatment for ulcers is more difficult than treatment for the infection so using a helicobacter pylori test to find it before it causes problems is obviously a good idea.

Please Note:
If you have already been infected with H pylori but successfully treated in the past the test may yield a positive for possibly a year following treatment as you may still carry antibodies to the infection.

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