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Ovulation Test; an ovulation predictor kit

Ovulation tests and the menstrual cycle

Many women are unsure about ovulation and what job their hormones do in controlling it. It is estimated that although 90% of women know what ovulation is, there still is a lot of confusion on how this relates to their fertility with people often using an ovulation calculator or indeed an ovulation test to help .

What is ovulation?
When a woman ovulates a mature egg is released from the ovary. This occurs only once in every menstrual cycle, usually around 12 - 16 days before your next period. Most women in the U.K. believe there is a chance of getting pregnant whenever sexual intercourse takes place. In fact the few days surrounding ovulation, (typically 2-5 days) are the only days in the cycle when you could get pregnant

What does the Ovulation Test tell me?
This ovulation test predicts when you are ovulating and therefore when you are most fertile. The test can be performed in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

How does this test work?
The hormone hLH (human luteinizing hormone) increases to 200 IU/L before a woman ovulates. It reaches a maximum level about 24 to 48 hours before ovulation and is therefore used to indicate that you are about to be at your most fertile. This test measures the hLH concentration in the urine.

How do I perform the test?
Hold the test stick in the urine stream for two to three seconds. Then insert it into the test rack in the rear of the box. Read off the result after a few minutes.
The five test sticks in the pack should be used on five consecutive days. Determine the optimum time for performing the test by using the dial provided.

What does the result tell me?
The top line (control line) tells you that the test has been performed correctly. If two lines appear and the top line is thicker than the bottom one, you have not yet reached your fertile days. You are most fertile when both lines are equally thick, or the bottom test line is thicker.

What is the ideal time for conception?

After the egg has been released it remains fertile for 12-24 hours. However semen survive for 3-7 days in the uterus or fallopian tubes. A successful conception must take place before or, at the latest, when a woman has ovulated.

Ovulation test


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