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Stomach ulcer symptoms

Most stomach ulcers are caused by an infection by a bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori. Our easy to use stomach ulcer test will confirm whether or not you are infected and thus may be the cause of your stomach ulcer symptoms.

Think you have an ulcer try our test?

Stomach ulcer symptoms vary  from person to person. If you experience any of these common symptons of stomach ulcer it may well be useful to take our simple test or visit your GP.

The test looks for the presence of a bacteria called helicobacter pylori which is the major cause of stomach ulcers. If you test positive for this bacteria your G.P. can prescribe anti biotic and other treatment to rid you of the infection.

It can be worth testing if you have a family history of ulcers as the bacteria is passed by close family contact and eradicating it before ulcers develop is may be a good idea. If you are concerned that you are experiencing stomach ulcer symptoms or any stomach ulcer signs consult your doctor.

Infection by helicobacter pylori often shows no noticeable symptoms at all. An infection by can go unnoticed for many years and you may not develop or suffer from stomach ulcer symptoms at all.

However, infection by H pylori is also associated with stomach cancer and other  disorders so even if you have no stomach ulcer signs & symptoms or any stomach problems at all testing for and eradication of this bacteria can be beneficial for your future well being.

f you have any concerns about stomach ulcer symptoms, or any aspect of your health in general you should always consult your doctor.

Stomach Ulcer symptoms are not always obvious  and many people may not realise that they have an ulcer while others feel a pain or burning sensation in their upper abdomen or chest.

Stomach ulcer symptoms are often also described as heartburn, indigestion, hunger pangs or dyspepsia.

Some people find that eating something actually helps relieve their discomfort for a while whilst for others it makes them worse. Citrus drinks, spicy and smoked foods can make the pain worse.

A stomach ulcer is a potentially dangerous condition and if you have any concerns about you symptoms do visit your GP:

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Stomach Ulcer Symptoms Test


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